Irina Tsypilova born in Crimea, based in Vienna, Austria.

She always wanted to become an artist. When she studied at the University with a degree in journalism, she found an Art school. And enrolled there in parallel to be able to additionally study art. She graduated from the university. Defended her thesis with honors at the Art school on the topic: Fresco painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The ancient technology of the ancient fresco is recreating on the wall. Layer-by-layer application of raw plaster - in the size of 2x4 meters.

The first mosaic, graphic drawings and experiments with paint on a wooden panel. All this made 20 years ago. During this time, there were many interesting projects that gave new ideas. For some time she focused on digital paintings only. Then she went back to canvases and paints. The love of graphics combined with the love of spontaneous spots. Now it has turned into a new series of works in the form of bright spots and images framed by smooth black lines.

Irina has a series of surreal paintings. Red syrup pours out of cheese, and an eggplant looks like an orange from the inside. A pear sitting on a glowing cube.

Each painting by the artist Irina Tsypilova is a small world, with its own history and philosophy.

Irina Tsypilova artist participated in international exhibitions and projects. He has received awards for participating in art competitions.


  • University of Humanities in St. Petersburg (1999-2006)

  • Art Lyceum in the city of Sevastopol (2000-2002)


    2022 - participation in the Artbox Projects World 2.0 – Switserland
    2021 -"Primary Colors” - Art Exhibition 2021 - Painting & Other Category - 6th Place- Palm Springs, CA, United States
    2021 -"Primary Colors” - Art Exhibition 2021- Overall Winning Artists - 9th Place - Acrilyc on canvas "Milaya"- Palm Springs, CA, United States
    2020 -10th Figurative Art Exhibition- Awarded in the nomination "Special Recognition" for "Agata"- Venezia, Italy
    2020 -10th Figurative Art Exhibition- Awarded in the nomination "Special Merit" for "Blue Blood"- Venezia, Italy - Group exhibitions
    2020 - 10th Figurative Art Exhibition / ITSLIQUID GROUP - Venezia, Italy
    2019 - What is Beautiful? / Kreativ Raum Galerie - Wien, Austria
    2018 - Transfiguration - Digital Art Show at / - New York, United States